Composting-Local Ideas

A discussion on Cincinnati, OH local compost solutions for the curious starter.

12/31/20221 min read

Composting can be a simple new year resolution towards a healthy planet. There are plenty of local solutions for those people are not interested in the idea of having a home bin that you must rotate or having to maintain a worm bin stocked with your own worms. Here a couple of local suggestions which various prices and requirements for what goes in the bin and what has to be pitched in the trash. Here are my top providers:

  1. Queen City Compost- Dropoff location service $5-$15 monthly cost Benefits: Sliding scale for those who can't afford costly service. (dropoffs at 2 locations during summer markets are even free) Drawbacks: Can't accept meat, dairy or any compostable packaging (like my packaging) unless you get written confirmation for each type of item

  2. Compost Now $19 (Dropoff locations)-$39(house pickup) a month for weekly bin subscription Benefits: You can choose to have compost picked up directly at your house. Large list of acceptable items, including meat and dairy. You earn back 25% of what you send off back as garden ready compost.Drawbacks: Pricey

  3. Go Zero Price varies based on location you select Benefits: Very few restrictions on what foods and compostable packaging can be dropped in bins. Also offers larger bins. Drawbacks: Commercially focused, there are only a few townships or businesses in Cincinnati that you can piggyback on their sponsored bins for a low monthly fee. ($10ish or free if you live in specific communities)

  4. Back to the Dirt $7.00-$9.50 Weekly Pickup- or $12-13.50 Monthly Dropoff locations Benefits: Cheaper and a local woman owned small business. Plus you get a portion of the compost back as worm castings for your garden every few months. Drawbacks: Worm bin compost only, means you can't compost products labeled compostable (like my packaging) or meat, dairy products, citrus or spicy items.